REM POD With Intensity Indicator

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Introducing our REM POD With Intensity Indicator, a powerful tool for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind, this mini rem-pod offers the same functionality as its larger counterpart, all in a compact and portable casing.

Equipped with advanced electromagnetic field (EMF) detection technology, this REM POD is sensitive to even the subtlest changes in the surrounding energy. When the electromagnetic field is disrupted or broken, the unit instantly responds by sounding an alarm and activating the mesmerizing blue LEDs that flash with intensity.

The intuitive intensity indicator provides valuable insights into the proximity and strength of paranormal activity. The LED lights illuminate with varying levels of brightness, offering a visual representation of the presence and energy of spirits nearby. This innovative feature allows you to gauge the intensity of the encounter and adjust your investigation accordingly.

The REM POD With Intensity Indicator is an indispensable companion for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it ideal for on-the-go investigations, whether you’re exploring haunted locations, conducting private sessions, or documenting evidence of the supernatural.

Trust in the reliability and precision of this remarkable device as you navigate the realms of the unknown. Let the REM POD With Intensity Indicator be your guiding light, alerting you to the presence of spirits and enhancing your ghost hunting experiences. Uncover the mysteries that lie beyond the veil with this essential tool in your paranormal toolkit.

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REM POD With Intensity Indicator
125,00 $
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