Ghost Boxes / Spirit Boxes

Unlock the Otherworldly with Ghost Boxes / Spirit Boxes

These modified radios scan through frequencies, capturing snippets of broadcast radio and white noise. Designed for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, these devices facilitate potential communication with spirits in real time.

Experience the thrill of capturing direct responses and messages from the other side. Enhance your ghost-hunting sessions with’s selection of Ghost Boxes, bridging the gap between our world and the supernatural realm.

Unleash the power of communication and delve into the mysteries of the spirit world with these essential tools.

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Introducing Ghost Boxes / Spirit Boxes: Unveil the Unseen Realm

Step into the world of paranormal investigation with our collection of Ghost Boxes / Spirit Boxes. Designed specifically for ghost hunting and paranormal exploration, these modified radios unlock the potential for real-time communication with spirits.

What is a Ghost Box and how does it work?

Our Ghost Boxes are meticulously crafted, modified radios that continuously scan through radio stations, creating an audio tapestry of snippets from broadcast radio and interspersed white noise. This unique design allows for the possibility of capturing direct responses from spirits, providing a medium for two-way communication with the other side.

Experience the Power of Ghost Boxes

Enhance your ghost-hunting sessions and delve into the mysteries of the supernatural. With a Ghost Box in hand, you can tap into the unknown, capturing potential spirit voices and messages that may be hidden within the radio frequencies.

Where can you buy a Ghost Box?

Look no further than! We offer a wide range of Ghost Boxes, from basic manual tune versions to advanced, high-end models. Our selection caters to both beginners and seasoned paranormal investigators, ensuring you find the perfect device to elevate your ghost-hunting experiences.

Unleash the Potential

Uncover the secrets of the spirit world as you engage in real-time conversations with entities beyond the veil. Whether you're a skeptic seeking evidence or a dedicated paranormal enthusiast, our Ghost Boxes provide a unique tool to connect with the supernatural realm.

Discover the Legacy

Originally known as the Franks Box, the concept of the Ghost Box was pioneered by Frank Sumption in 2002. His visionary design revolutionized the field of paranormal communication by offering a platform for spirits to interact through radio waves. Embrace this legacy and embark on your own ghost-hunting adventures.

Embrace the Uncanny

Explore the realms of the unknown with our Ghost Boxes / Spirit Boxes. Unleash the power of communication and unravel the mysteries that lie beyond our physical realm. Step into the world of the paranormal and unlock a gateway to the supernatural with SpiritShack's exceptional selection of Ghost Boxes.

Note: The use of Ghost Boxes is still considered a subject of debate and open to interpretation. It is essential to approach the paranormal investigation with an open mind, respect for the spirits, and a genuine desire to uncover the truth.

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