Laser Grid Module 100mW

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Laser Grid – Unveiling the Invisible

Introducing our Laser Grid, a cutting-edge device designed to enhance your ghost hunting and paranormal investigation experiences. This remarkable tool emits a grid of laser beams, allowing you to detect and visualize the movements of ghosts and spirits.

Reveal the Unseen:
With the Laser Grid, you gain the ability to reveal the invisible. As the laser beams intersect and form a grid pattern, any disturbances caused by ethereal entities will become apparent. Watch as the grid reacts and illuminates the presence of spirits that may otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Unparalleled Detection:
Equipped with advanced laser technology, this device offers unparalleled detection capabilities. The laser grid acts as a visual barrier, capturing and highlighting the movement of paranormal entities. By projecting a grid of lasers, it becomes easier to discern subtle shifts and manifestations in the spirit realm.

Unleash Your Investigation:
Empower your paranormal investigations by incorporating the Laser Grid into your toolkit. Use it to scan rooms, hallways, or specific areas suspected of ghostly activity. The laser grid becomes a valuable aid, providing real-time feedback and guiding your exploration toward areas where spirits may be most active.

Uncompromising Precision:
The Laser Grid is designed with utmost precision, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of its laser beams. The well-defined grid pattern enables you to differentiate between natural environmental factors and genuine paranormal movements, allowing for more precise and focused investigations.

Expand Your Perception:
Immerse yourself in the realm of the supernatural and expand your perception with the Laser Grid. By visualizing the movements of ghosts and spirits, you gain deeper insights into their behavior and can uncover patterns that may hold significant meaning within the paranormal realm.

Uncover the hidden world of spirits and entities with the Laser Grid. Illuminate the ethereal and witness the mesmerizing dance of laser beams as they reveal the presence and movements of the supernatural. Enhance your ghost hunting and paranormal investigations with this groundbreaking tool. Are you ready to penetrate the veil and explore the unseen?

Laser Grid Module 100mWLaser Grid Module 100mW
Laser Grid Module 100mWB SET
Laser Grid Module 100mWSpecification:

【Shell Material】:Metal
【Input Voltage】:3V/5V
【Output Length】:650nm
【Output Power】:50/100mW Alternative
【Working Current】:<30mA
【Pre-Heat Time】:No
【Working Temperature】:+15℃~+35℃

50 mW can be used in 3 meters indoor
100mW can be used in 5 meters indoor



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Laser Grid Module 100mW
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